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  1. What is a level switch for dry goods?
    • A level switch for dry goods is a sensor or device used to detect and indicate the level of dry materials, such as powders, grains, or granular substances, in a container or silo.
  2. How do membrane guards contribute to monitoring fill levels for dry goods?
    • Membrane guards play a crucial role in remotely monitoring fill levels in silos and containers. Their applications extend to overflow protection in transportation devices, cleaning machines, dryers, scales, and various other contexts.
  3. In which situations are level switches commonly employed for dry goods?
    • Level switches find widespread use in monitoring the levels of diverse dry goods, including but not limited to powders, granules, grains, and plastic pellets.
  4. What is the working principle of the level switch
    • It's like a button - when you press it, it sends signals to your device by allowing electricity to flow through.